News: SNES style Wii U pro controller

EB Games Australia (arm of global games retailer GameStop) has updated their list of launch Wii U accessories to include the ‘Wii U Controller – SNES Version’, which appears to be the Wii U pro controller with a cosmetic old-school flavour.

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Nintendo does not list this controller on their official website nor have they officially announced it. There is no Wii U branding so we’re obviously dealing with a third-party piece of kit. EB Games’ website has absolutely no detail save for the fact the controller will be available at launch, but they are accepting preorders. Also listed are black and gold controllers in a similar design. The image appears to be a digital mock-up rather than a photograph.

The Wii U pro controller is expected to be used as an alternative to motion control for many cross-platform games including Call of Duty Black Ops II.

One assumes it will also serve as a wireless alternative to the Wii’s classic controller for use in Wii U’s virtual console, unless of course the Wii U’s backwards-compatibility will mirror that of the 3DS system, needing to boot into a ‘Wii’ mode to play those games. The irony there would be this SNES controller would be incompatible with Wii’s SNES games.

Wii U launches November 30 in Australia (November 18 in North America), when all will hopefully be revealed.

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