The Weekly Rift is a project that aims to deliver some of the things that have fallen by the wayside in the modern games and tech entertainment blog.

You will not find quick updates, cursory product reviews, regurgitated news or gut reactions here. I appreciate all those things, but the internet is pretty much full of them already. The form of the blog — once distinguishable from news aggregators and PR spin by the addition of a unique and personal perspective — is now so often typified by a race to be quickest and loudest.

In an environment that is hit-driven, targeted, pre-emptive, search-engine-optimized and geared for ease-of-consumption, I mean to slow things back down a little.

So while you won’t be able to come back every single day of the week and find piles of new content ready to be ingested and dissolved like so much fairy floss, what I hope you do find is a consistent level of thoughtfulness and unique perspective applied to a broad range of play-related topics.

If you like what you read be sure to find some way to remind yourself to check back regularly (hint: I’ve strewn links to my twitter account everywhere on the site, and there’s an email subscribe form too), because the ‘weekly’ in the name isn’t so much a reflection of how often the site is updated, but more a reminder that sometimes good content can’t fit into the hourly status update or daily news cycle.