Pressing Start and the Games That Never Stop

Is the iconic button’s absence this generation just for show or is its time of relevance finally over?


Video Games and the Search for Authenticity

How postmodern social theory could help explain the rise in gaming’s popularity.


The Elder Scrolls Online beta impressions

Can a game with all the restrictions inherent in a massively multiplayer online RPG provide an experience with all the strengths of an Elder Scrolls game?


Titanfall: impressions for those who aren’t shooter fans

It’s part Call of Duty and part Halo at its core, but there’s plenty new and interesting going on in Titanfall.


Seven games I’ve loved

Valentine’s Day: The love we feel for our most fondly remembered games, like romantic love, is informed most by personal connections and not aesthetics or popular opinion.


Third-person adventure game cliches that always suck

As one of the oldest genres, adventure games carry a ton of legacy tropes, some of which are always lame.

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Cult of the Familiar: The State of Sequels

For many, big game development’s reliance on sequels and annualisation is wearing thin. Is it problematic to keep investing while bemoaning this trend?


Giana Sisters: pretenders to the Mushroom Kingdom crown

Since the original Giana is famed for plagiarising Mario, can its grandchild give us insight into a Mario that might have been?

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What Sony didn’t say at E3

If Sony didn’t have the digital rights dragon of Microsoft’s Xbox One to slay at E3, would we still all be saying they won on the strength of their games alone?


Nintendo, E3, and ‘missing’ Wii U games

While Nintendo fans were largely accepting of Wii U’s showing at E3, many felt short-changed by the unconventional 3D Mario and Retro Studio’s relegation to another Donkey Kong game.

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E3 speculation machine part 3: Xbox One

If Microsoft can convince consumers of their console’s chops, the last month with all its hysteria will be lost to the annals of google caches and never spoken of again.

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E3 speculation machine part 2: Vita, PS4

There are many things we already know about Sony’s plans for E3, but there is still plenty of room for surprises – especially surrounding game announcements.


E3 speculation machine part 1: Wii U

Nintendo’s opted for the awkward, too-quiet Nintendo Direct this year instead of the traditional press conference, but what surprises might they have up their sleeves?


The state of Wii U: sales, strategy and the organisational re-shuffle

Nintendo’s latest moves show the company’s still smart and strong, and calls of Wii U ‘failure’ are ridiculously premature.