Giana Sisters: pretenders to the Mushroom Kingdom crown

Since the original Giana is famed for plagiarising Mario, can its grandchild give us insight into a Mario that might have been?


Nintendo spotlights Wii U indie titles

Wii U indie games have always been present on the eShop, but not in the numbers Nintendo would have had you believe before launch. Now the companies revealed 18 new indie games incoming.


In Defence of Ouya

Look beyond the shallow issues and you can find a lot to like about the little grey box. It’s a place that will house many experiences fallen by the wayside on mobile devices and current home consoles.

fishing thumb

Ridiculous Fishing’s brilliant twitter integration

Ridiculous Fishing’s in-game version of twitter makes for a truly engaging and refreshing social sharing feature.

trine2 thumb

Trine 2: Director’s Cut review

Trine 2 is a very special game. It takes the promises and ambitions of the original Trine – organic puzzles, finely balanced trio of characters – and delivers on them in a refined, bloat-free package.

inferno thumb

Little Inferno review

Little Inferno is a divisive game, and many of its detractors are justified. Yet at the heart of this slow-paced propaganda puzzler is a smart and eerie experience for those willing to give it the time.

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Chasing Aurora review

A majestic and well-executed flight mechanic has its wings clipped by shallow game modes and the need to have four or more players at your disposal to get the full bird-fighting experience.

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Puddle review – Wii U version

A lesson both in applying satisfying and non-frustrating tilt controls to a core mechanic and in creating a bond between the player and an ordinarily non-sentient force, Puddle is an ironically solid puzzler.

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The price of play

With app stores eating up the market the race is on between Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony to find a way to marry the benefits of a dedicated system with the allure of easy-access digital games.