Titanfall: impressions for those who aren’t shooter fans

It’s part Call of Duty and part Halo at its core, but there’s plenty new and interesting going on in Titanfall.


Loss of first always online console sucks

Microsoft’s changed its tune on Xbox One and used games since a vocal section of the community lashed them during and after E3. But why ditch mandatory online altogether?

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E3 speculation machine part 3: Xbox One

If Microsoft can convince consumers of their console’s chops, the last month with all its hysteria will be lost to the annals of google caches and never spoken of again.

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Xbox One: Microsoft doesn’t care if you can’t share or resell games

The console’s had a tough reveal, not least of all because Microsoft can’t decide what to tell consumers about DRM and used games.

Halo Prime

The booths have been dismantled, the corporate hyperbole holstered and the Zelda fanboys’ salty salty tears mopped up and properly stored. Before moving on from E3 2012 once and for all however I […]

E3 speculation machine day 2: Microsoft

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo kicking off next week, console gamers are looking to Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony to make big announcements and hyberbolic claims about the experiences they’ll be bringing us […]

Master Chief takes on the Commander in Chief

An announcement from Microsoft last week revealed the launch of Halo 4 will be in direct competition not just with other games, but with the American election. The first game […]