Cranky Kong complex: the imposition of narrative

What is the result of our drive towards connecting separate games with an overarching story?


Wii Sports and the state of Nintendo vs next-gen

Nintendo’s lack of communication with its audience is by far the main reason Wii U sales will not lift this holiday.


Giana Sisters: pretenders to the Mushroom Kingdom crown

Since the original Giana is famed for plagiarising Mario, can its grandchild give us insight into a Mario that might have been?


Nintendo spotlights Wii U indie titles

Wii U indie games have always been present on the eShop, but not in the numbers Nintendo would have had you believe before launch. Now the companies revealed 18 new indie games incoming.


StreetPass shop reviews

Four legitimately fun new games are available for you to play alongside Miis that you collect on your travels with your 3DS: Squad, Garden, Battle and Mansion.


New Super Luigi U review

Luigi’s ongoing role as undertaker of all tasks too difficult or dirty for Mario continues in this unbalanced, slightly frustrating but ultimately very fun piece of DLC.


Nintendo, E3, and ‘missing’ Wii U games

While Nintendo fans were largely accepting of Wii U’s showing at E3, many felt short-changed by the unconventional 3D Mario and Retro Studio’s relegation to another Donkey Kong game.


E3 speculation machine part 1: Wii U

Nintendo’s opted for the awkward, too-quiet Nintendo Direct this year instead of the traditional press conference, but what surprises might they have up their sleeves?

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Why Nintendo needs a Kinect

Nintendo’s finally cracking down on ‘Let’s Play’ videos and all the horrible positive brand awareness they bring. But how will Nintendo stop people watching other people play in real life?

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Five unexpected ways the Wii U Virtual Console improves Super Mario World

One of the greatest SNES games has another release, but are there any improvements over previous versions? Surprisingly, there are.


The state of Wii U: sales, strategy and the organisational re-shuffle

Nintendo’s latest moves show the company’s still smart and strong, and calls of Wii U ‘failure’ are ridiculously premature.

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The eight best DSiWare games for 3DS

The system that introduced digital download games to Nintendo handhelds also introduced a lot of shovelware and crappy apps, but there are at least eight games you should consider going back for.

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Trine 2: Director’s Cut review

Trine 2 is a very special game. It takes the promises and ambitions of the original Trine – organic puzzles, finely balanced trio of characters – and delivers on them in a refined, bloat-free package.

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Little Inferno review

Little Inferno is a divisive game, and many of its detractors are justified. Yet at the heart of this slow-paced propaganda puzzler is a smart and eerie experience for those willing to give it the time.