Cranky Kong complex: the imposition of narrative

What is the result of our drive towards connecting separate games with an overarching story?


Games Aren’t Film: Colonisation and Media Blindness

How the selective coverage of games in mainstream media denies their most unique qualities.


Wii Sports and the state of Nintendo vs next-gen

Nintendo’s lack of communication with its audience is by far the main reason Wii U sales will not lift this holiday.

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Cult of the Familiar: The State of Sequels

For many, big game development’s reliance on sequels and annualisation is wearing thin. Is it problematic to keep investing while bemoaning this trend?


Loss of first always online console sucks

Microsoft’s changed its tune on Xbox One and used games since a vocal section of the community lashed them during and after E3. But why ditch mandatory online altogether?

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Why Nintendo needs a Kinect

Nintendo’s finally cracking down on ‘Let’s Play’ videos and all the horrible positive brand awareness they bring. But how will Nintendo stop people watching other people play in real life?

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Xbox One: Microsoft doesn’t care if you can’t share or resell games

The console’s had a tough reveal, not least of all because Microsoft can’t decide what to tell consumers about DRM and used games.

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Playing Other People’s Stories

Games like BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider and Antichamber are part of a drive towards eschewing filmic narrative inspirations to craft a new kind of storytelling.

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Playstation 4 and bringing the magic back

Sony looks ready to counter the move towards game machines as invasive social, television-augmenting media devices by re-establishing a focus on games.

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Book Burning and ‘Violent’ Video Games

Proposed mass burning of ‘violent’ media in Connecticut indicated an overall attitude of dogma and buck-passing, albeit under the sheen of carefully-worded attempts at political correctness.

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Games As Art – Another Perspective

Games are increasingly regarded as worthwhile relative to how well they can match the proficiencies of older media. But the argument that games match older media as art overlooks an integral aspect.

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The price of play

With app stores eating up the market the race is on between Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony to find a way to marry the benefits of a dedicated system with the allure of easy-access digital games.

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Iterative is Not a Dirty Word

Iterative. It’s a term that’s often used with some measure of distaste, but the truth is there’s a whole lot to value in games that don’t necessarily switch up their gameplay.

Nintendo’s troll trouble

Any major hardware release is preceded by a period of speculative analysis – predictions of the quality and specifications of the final product based only on whatever details are available. While much […]