Video Games and the Search for Authenticity

How postmodern social theory could help explain the rise in gaming’s popularity.

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Book Burning and ‘Violent’ Video Games

Proposed mass burning of ‘violent’ media in Connecticut indicated an overall attitude of dogma and buck-passing, albeit under the sheen of carefully-worded attempts at political correctness.

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Games As Art – Another Perspective

Games are increasingly regarded as worthwhile relative to how well they can match the proficiencies of older media. But the argument that games match older media as art overlooks an integral aspect.

Video games and the baroque

Often has the question been asked “are video games art?” The answer each person gives to that question depends, as it often does, on their personal definition of the terms. […]

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Why Real-World Morals Have No Place in Video Games

The independent morality of games, and why different logical rules should mean different moral ones.

The power of immersion

Immersion – the diminishing of one’s awareness of their physical self in favour of a virtual one – is big money in games and always has been. In the arcades […]

Myth of the talking ball – a brief history of ludology

Although the modern video game is a digital entertainment medium that is in some ways comparable to other entertainment media, it was long before that (and remains today) a modern […]

Software review: Dropbox

10:00am There was once a time, I assume, where one’s level and kind of productivity was limited by geography. Today, for example, I’m taking a trip from Melbourne to Bendigo. […]

The issue with the word ‘play’

I recall some time ago a movement among so-called ‘hardcore’ gamers to eschew the word ‘play’ as it pertained to games. Instead of, for example, saying “what have you been playing”, they […]

Spare the Rod…and Arise: The Moral Responsibility of Understanding Lyrics

  This is an anti-violence song. Believe it or not.

Representing subtle emotion in games – a pitch

Most anybody who has undertaken any form of study will recognise the quandary I faced last night: the over-specific assignment brief. I was asked to pitch an “interactive space (game/story […]

Sacrificing One Musical Personality for the Next…

Weekly Rift readers. I apologise. I have been not the best in keeping up with my posts, well, weekly. But I am back now, and ready to rock you and […]

Society and techno-fashion

With a new iPad on the way, representatives from both the ‘Apple sucks’ and ‘yay Apple’ camps have dusted off their banners and begun their march through basically every form […]

On nostalgia, fandom and the self-image

How many things do you have around your house or room that show people what you’re in to? If you’re a motorsport fanatic, do you have signed helmets or cans […]