StreetPass shop reviews

Four legitimately fun new games are available for you to play alongside Miis that you collect on your travels with your 3DS: Squad, Garden, Battle and Mansion.


New Super Luigi U review

Luigi’s ongoing role as undertaker of all tasks too difficult or dirty for Mario continues in this unbalanced, slightly frustrating but ultimately very fun piece of DLC.

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Tomb Raider review

With a thoroughly modern take on a classic journey, Tomb Raider has been completely rethought in the best of ways, and proves the once-troubled series has what it takes to survive after all.

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Trine 2: Director’s Cut review

Trine 2 is a very special game. It takes the promises and ambitions of the original Trine – organic puzzles, finely balanced trio of characters – and delivers on them in a refined, bloat-free package.

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Little Inferno review

Little Inferno is a divisive game, and many of its detractors are justified. Yet at the heart of this slow-paced propaganda puzzler is a smart and eerie experience for those willing to give it the time.

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Chasing Aurora review

A majestic and well-executed flight mechanic has its wings clipped by shallow game modes and the need to have four or more players at your disposal to get the full bird-fighting experience.

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Puddle review – Wii U version

A lesson both in applying satisfying and non-frustrating tilt controls to a core mechanic and in creating a bond between the player and an ordinarily non-sentient force, Puddle is an ironically solid puzzler.

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Wii U eShop reviews

As the Wii U finally hits store shelves the major games media websites are chock-full of reviews and impressions for all the biggest games. That’s why we’re only covering the system’s indie titles.

DLC Review: New Super Mario Bros 2 coin rush maps

After years spent avoiding such modern-day gaming staples as persistent online multiplayer, digital distribution and downloadable content, Nintendo seems set on playing catch-up. After announcing that all forthcoming first-party titles […]

Software review: Dropbox

10:00am There was once a time, I assume, where one’s level and kind of productivity was limited by geography. Today, for example, I’m taking a trip from Melbourne to Bendigo. […]

Film review: The Avengers

The Avengers have been an institution in the Marvel universe for 50 years, but apparently were until recently so unknown to the general populace that the UK film authority was worried movie-goers would confuse […]

Product review: PlayStation Vita

On the night of February 22 I stood in line at EB Games with a bunch of other nerds and techno-hipsters waiting for midnight so I could get my new […]

Blip Festival Australia 2012

Collaborative review by music writer Anthony Read and games writer Tim Biggs. In a time when a lot of us were growing up, the music and sound effects of computers […]