I’m Tim Biggs, a video games writer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m huge Nintendo fan and a J-RPG veteran, as well as a former Sega devotee, a collector of old consoles, games and handhelds, I’m a flipper of switches and a disemboweler of myriad sub-human invading species.

Beyond filling my house with machines and my imagination with vigor, my life with games has given rise to many years of games writing and even to a Master’s degree which culminated in a thesis on the place of video games in post-modern social theory.

Meanwhile my passion for news and media production has taken me through a degree in journalism and to my current work as a producer for a major news organisation.

I built this site from the ground up and am solely responsible for its day-to-day upkeep and all the content.

That said if you’re sharp-eyed you will spot the occasional guest post, and if you’re so inclined feel free to look over the musings of once-regular music writer Anthony Read.

Enjoy the site.

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